Welcome to WETATi Fashions–  EMPOWERED & INSPIRED BY THE CLOTHES YOU WEAR! WETATi premiers its new clothing line with ready to wear business attire, casual wear, and fitness line. The line is created for the everyday woman who wants to promote the essence of her beauty and inner confidence, while looking fabulous on the go. –LIVE in the WORD you Believe in

WETATi Fashionista is a clothing Line with Meaning, Purpose and Power. It is designed and personalized to inspire and empower every woman who desires and DARES to Achieve her impossible. Put it on and be Empowered! When a woman steps out in her WETATi gear she makes a sudden statement to herself and to the world. She understands who she is, where she wants to be, and positions herself for greatness through the attributes of her grace and determination and indefatigable attitude towards life. She dresses up for success because she understands she is a WETATian and that “those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing”(Nina Garcia)

Her confidence is captivating and her style inspires. A WETATi woman understands fashion is expensive, but power and style is priceless. So she chooses to “Live in the WORD you believes in” – WETATi.

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