Who Is A WETATi Woman?


  • Dares to Achieve the Impossible!
  • Powerful and Enterprising.
  • Evolving in every aspect of her life.
  • Loving, caring and forgiving.
  • Not afraid to start over.
  • Not afraid to go where others would not DARE to go.
  • Compassionate and empathetic.
  • Fashionable, beautiful and classy.
  • Believes in herself and in others.
  • Is futuristic, looks ahead and does not dwell in the past.
  • Can do anything positive that she puts her mind to.
  • Determined, persistent, courageous, resilient and yet graceful.
  • Financially responsible and prudent.
  • Knows that another woman’s issue(s) is directly or indirectly hers and must do what is in her power to help another woman.
  • Knows that WETATi is not about one or a certain group of women but about every woman.
  • Puts her God and family first and has unquenchable faith in her Creator and self.
  • Lives intently, purposefully, optimistically with hopeful, passionate and positive expectations.
  • Never let’s anyone or anything steal her joy and peace, no matter what life throws at her and the number of challenges she may encounter along the way.
  • Never gives up on her dreams and aspiration, no matter how long it may take to realize them.
  • Sees the seed of opportunity in every challenge or obstacle she encounters in her journey through life.
  • Prepares and positions herself for success through positive mental attitude and proactive constructive engagement.
  • Walks and works with integrity, excellence, honor and leads her life authentically.
  • Completely embraces who she was created to be and makes no apologies for who she is.
  • Takes ordinary life situation and turns it into extraordinary and amiable and exemplary life.
  • Not afraid to take chances because she knows that the worst chance to take is the one she did not take.
  • Her faith in her God is her compass in her journey through life.

Did you find yourself from the above list of who a WETATi woman is? If you did not find yourself, don’t worry because you are the reason why WETATi was founded. We realized that you have what it takes to be a woman empowered to achieve the impossible if you know how and have the right support system and community to effectuate it.

Regardless of what your ‘impossible’ or issues maybe, from how to LIVE a Balanced life, Money & Career, Relationships, Wellness, Spirituality or dealing with Teens in our lives, the WETATi Community has the resources/tools to help you Achieve your impossible or resolve your issues.CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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