WETATi Next Generation

.… Preparing the Next Generation of women to carry the baton of the LEGACY of Women Empowered to Achieve the Impossible as the flag bearers to the next generation! 



To groom young colligate woman to be self-empowered to lead and uplift the community by providing  the most accessible, innovative and supportive community of women and resources for women who DARE to dream and Achieve their “Impossible” in their graduate and under graduate careers,  regardless of their geographical or socio-economic background……One WOMAN at a time!



To position graduate and under graduate colligate women to become well-balanced forces in our world using several well thought out life-changing programs in our community. Each Colligate Chapter will focus on personal, professional and business development empowerment organization dedicated to ADVANCE and CHALLENGE women to DARE to achieve their impossible through community involvement, life and business coaching, mentoring programs, and joint venture-ships -regardless of their socio-economic status, geographical or any other limitations.



Entrepreneurship:  Educating under graduate and graduate young women on how to manage and start their own business while providing them with networking opportunities with professional woman who are already in the fields.

Financial Management: Educating under graduate and graduate young women on finical literacy by teaching the on financial investments, savings, and managing debit such as student loans. 

Healthy Living: Educating under graduate and graduate young women on living a healthy lifestyle by implementing mandatory workout programs such as WETATi’s monthly wake up and move Fit for live programs. Also teaching them on healthy eating , everyday workout tips, and daily encouragement on physical, mental and spiritual growth and fitness. 


Community Service: Educating under graduate and graduate young women to lift and they climb by serving young woman such as the younger girls in the WETATi “ Daughters of Destiny Program.” 



  1. Equipping the Next Generation with the tools of  life and business
  2. Teach them the importance of creative freedom that lead to financial freedom and self-empowerment
  3. Create a quarterly wellness and fitness program to bring awareness to the right foods, health care and lifestyle changes that are necessary in obtaining maximum health (WETATi Next Generation Wake Up and Move Fit 4 Life)
  4. Teach them how to transcend their environment, learn to innovate, reinvent
  5. Teach them how to build their own bridges so that they don’t allows others to build it for them
  6. Teach them the power to collaboration and partnership as the new way to build life and business in the next century and beyond
  7. Teach them to embrace and see failure as a necessary ingredient for success and as the master teacher we all must encounter in life
  8. Teach them the power of intention and persistence
  9. Teach them the art of service and its power to change lives
  10. Teach them the importance of Honor and Integrity by bringing other women of honor and integrity, locally, nationally and internationally to speak to them and share how they have managed to succeed against the odds
  11. Teach them to embrace the challenges and difficulties of life and how to sue them as the guide to discover their purpose and defining their vision
  12. Teach them the power of individual empowerment that leads to group empowerment
  13. Teach them the power of self knowledge and how to be great
  14. How to live a significance life that will breed success
  15. How to leave a legacy for the next generation that will only come from service
  16. Conduct entrepreneurship works/seminars for the WETATi next generation young ladies in partnership with colleges, universities and churches in order to teach them the power of building wealth and leveraging in the market place earlier in life
  17. WETATi Next Generation Wake and Move Fit For Life Program-Adopt a health and wellness initiative on fighting obesity and cardiovascular diseases 
  18. Teach them the art of writing and publishing books of impact
  19. Teach them branding and monetizing their talents very early on in life as to be able to create jobs instead of looking for jobs
  20. They will participate at the WETATi Annual International Women’s conference where they will be exposed to legendary women form different walks of life so that they can gain more insight and directions
  21. Teach them the importance of developing and emerging as leaders so that they can go into the world as leaders
  22. Train the trainer sessions where we train some that in turn train the others
  23. Teach them the art of marketing and promoting so they learn how to market themselves

















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