WETATi Daughters of Destiny

….Raising the WETATi Daughters of Destiny of Tomorrow -one daughter at a time! (Age group 5-12 years of age)



To groom young girls to be self-empowered to lead and uplift the community by providing  the most accessible, innovative and supportive community of girls and resources for young girls who DARE to dream and Achieve their “Impossible” in their young age and at any level,  regardless of their geographical or socio-economic background……One girl at a time!



To position young girls to become well-balanced forces in our world using several well thought out life-changing programs in our community. The program will focus on personal, professional and business development empowerment organization dedicated to ADVANCE and CHALLENGE young girls to DARE to achieve their impossible through community involvement, life and business coaching, mentoring programs, and joint venture-ships -regardless of their socio-economic status, geographical or any other limitations.



Entrepreneurship:  Educating young girls on how to be creative and start their own business while showing them how to turn their talents and skills into business opportunities working with professional woman who are already in the fields.

Financial Management: Educating the young girls on finical literacy by teaching them about financial investments, savings, and managing money at such an early stages and learning more about the value of money and how money is created. 

Healthy Living& Fitness: Educating young girls and their parents on living a healthy lifestyle by implementing mandatory workout programs such as WETATi’s monthly Daughters of Destiny wake up and move Fit 4 Life Program and other community based programs. Also teaching them on healthy eating, everyday workout tips, and daily encouragement on physical mental and spiritual growth. 


Community Service:  Educating  the girls  to lift and they climb by serving others to help heighten their awareness about the importance of serving others in order that they may in turn be served.  



  1. WETATi Daugthers of Destiny Wake Up and Move Fit 4 Life Program
  2. Teach them the importance of believing in themselves
  3. Teach therm to reject bullying and embrace acceptance of all other girls as they are
  4. Provide Free Health and wellness programs for the girls
  5. Provide free self-esteem classes and mannerisms, like respect of the elders, respect of other girls
  6. Provide programs to encourage creative freedom
  7. Provide and develop trainings
  8. Provide programs to avoid bullying other girls
  9. Conducts workshops/seminars to teach them how to become leading young girls/women….To build wealthy mindsets for generations to come.
  10. Teach them on how to become the leading women of tomorrow
  11. To become the innovators of tomorrow
  12. Teach them financial management and the art of investing at an early stages of life












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