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The WETATi Woman Book Projects!

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-in These Long Overdue & Highly Anticipated WETATi Books!


1.WETATi(Women Empowered to Achieve The impossible) Spirit 365 Days


2. Empowerment Soup 4 The Soul of a WETATiWoman


Exploring what the True Spirit of a

WETATiWoman is 365 Days a Year!


What The Empowerment Soup 4 The Soul of a

WETATi Woman is!

Books To be Sold on Amazon & other Distribution channels

Plus, become an instant published

Co-author & sign autographs of your

Page at our next WETATi Annual Presentation & Celebration —

Saturday, March 30, 2013 at the BWI Airport Hilton Hotel, Baltimore, MD

Here are the questions we are exploring in these long overdue & highly anticipated WETATi books:

1. What is the True Spirit of a Woman Empowered To Achieve The impossible (WETATi) 365 Days of the year?

2. What do you think the “Empowerment Soup 4 the Soul of a WETATi Woman should be no matter what she is going through in her journey through life?


The WETATi Woman Book Projects
are great ways to get your writing and publishing started. As a first
time or previously published author you have the opportunity of being in
a professional publication co-authored by your fellow WETATians.

is no right or wrong answer to the questions or the position you take;
all we are looking for is a unique and different perspective and that
you explain your position. NOTE: you are not required to participate in both projects but you can
if you so choose.

What exactlyare the projects about?

We are exploring two very important and timely women empowerment topics in these books that are germane to the wholistic well-being of every woman. “What the True Spirit of a WETATi Woman is or should be 365 Days a Year” is in a devotional format and the “Empowerment Soup 4 The Soul of a WETATi Woman”
is a compilation of short stories, of your life or that of others that
you are privy to and have the legal right to share and publish. It can
be essays or any format of your choice (WETATi retains the right to change the format in which it was originally submitted in an effort to comply with the publishing
style.) In
addition, we want to use the books as a source of inspiration for women
everywhere; since we all know that inspiration and empowerment is to
success, what air is to life.

Why should you do it?

Becoming a published author changes you

♦ Your picture and name are prestigiously displayed on your page for the world to know and see

♦ It becomes a part of your legacy that you participated in the collaborative authorship of these book(s)

You now add the title of a published author to your resume, (Already
published?? Collaborate and make an impact in the lives of other women)

♦ Every woman has an opinion on these subjects- here is your opportunity to share yours

♦ Your name and your publication will go done in the annals of history as such (documentation beats conversation at all times)

♦ “Co-author” status in the professionally designed and published book

♦ Full distribution and availability of the books on Amazon & other channels

♦ You can share the news of your participation in local print publications & social media

♦ The change you may have been looking for may start by your simply participating in this book contest

♦ Make money from the book by becoming a distributor (if you choose)

♦ Free publicity- because you are now an author & everywhere WETATi goes… you go!

♦ Sense of Pride and accomplishment

Will go down in the annals of history as one of the first authors in the WETATi Book project

Who Can Become a Co- Author?

Every woman
of a legal age of 18 and up and from any part of the world- regardless
of geographical location or socio-economic status and or education!

reviewed and approved by our board of judges, you will be notified if
your piece was chosen and will be published by JAHS Publishing Group, a
major sponsor of the WETATi book projects

When do you get started?

Now!in order for us to meet our Projects’ publishing deadline of January 31, 2013. Get started right NOW because procrastination is the thief of time! A WETATi woman does not procrastinate nor make excuses- PERIOD!

From the desk of:Margaret Dureke, Juris Doctor

Founder and President of WETATi, Entrepreneur, Publisher, Bestselling Author, “Moxie Motivator ” and Success Coach

9 time award winning author: Recipient of FestAfrica Community Service Award 2012; Member of the WETATi Book Project 2013

“The worst chance to take is the one you did not take.”- Margaret Dureke.

Rules of engagement for all participants in this contest

This is a contest for the collection of
write-ups on any of these topics or both. At the conclusion of the
contest, selected entries will be compiled and published in a book(s) to
be released in Saturday March 30, 2013 at BWI Airport Hilton Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland, WETATi’s Second Annual Presentation and Celebration Event.

The contest is open to anyone in the world as long as you are 18 years of age and older, including Founding and WETATi members.

Before each contestant’s
submission will be accepted, and deemed qualified, the contestant must
first go to their face book account and
“like” WETATi at
www.facebook.com/wetati and equally follow us on twitter (except those who already have and we will verify).

You must use your real name on your
entry submission, but for the purposes of publication pseudonyms are
permitted. Contestants must agree to allow WETATi
to edit and publish their stories, names, images, and any other
information submitted in connection with these publications (or if
requested a pseudonym), and biographical information.

Entry length specifications including
your headshot photo are listed below. Contestants can only submit one
article per contestant, per each title if you choose.

WETATi Spirit 365 = Times New Roman; 14pt; with 5.06 x 7.81 margins; no more than 150 words

Empowerment Soup 4 the Soul of a WETATi Woman = Times New Roman; 13pt; with 6 x 9 margins; no more than 325 words

Stories must be original and unpublished in any other publication until the original story is published by WETATi. The winners will be notified sometime in October – November, 2012. Previously published materials, or materials accepted elsewhere for publication, will not be considered.

WETATi reserves the right to edit stories for punctuation and spelling & for other editorial needs

WETATi is not responsible for lost or corrupted files.

All serial rights will remain with the author.

Manuscripts should be written on a
computer using Notepad, or if necessary a common word processing program
such as Microsoft Word. Please do not use Corel WordPerfect, Adobe
Frame Maker, PageMaker, or any graphic or magazine layout program such
as Illustrator, Quark Express, and so on.

No changes to the stories are allowed after WETATi receives the manuscript. All submissions are final. Manuscripts will not be returned.

Contestants will receive confirmation by email upon the receipt of their manuscript(s).

Articles must be received by WETATi from contestants no later than midnight, September 30, 2012 eastern standard time to

[email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Winners will be notified by email, and their names posted on the WETATi
web site and annunced and clebrated during our second Annual event on
March 30th, 2013 and other avenues of our choosing (get excited WETATians).

The decision of the WETATi judges is final.Once
reviewed and approved by our board of judges, you will be notified if
your piece was chosen and will be published by JAHS Publishing Group,
who is a major sponsor of the WETATi Book Project


The WETATi Book Project is a professionally edited and published book that has up to 365 contributing authors—one for every day of the year; and Empowerment Soup 4 the Soul of a WETATi Woman (projected number of pages is 250).
It’s a collection that celebrates and inspires readers with one of
the most powerful feelings there is—the power to add value to the
lives of others through the power of the pen- using the WETATi platform. And who couldn’t use a little more inspiration these days?

And we are personally inviting YOU to participate as a co-author!

How does it Work?

WETATi’s team of editors and professionals will edit and proofread your article and include it in a professionally formatted book titled: The WETATi Book Projects: WETATi Spirit 365 Days and Empowerment Soup 4 the Soul of A WETATi Woman

There will be 365 pages in the WETATi Spirit 365 Days book, one assigned to each day of the year; and a minimum of 250 pages of the collections of the articles for the Empowerment Soup 4 the Soul of a WETATi Woman. You can only submit one piece per title and request a specific date your piece appears on—see details on that below.

The book will be published February 2013 and launched March 30th, 2013 at our 2nd Annual National Presentation & Celebration at the BWI Airport Hilton Hotel, Baltimore MD, and every paid entry fee co-author will receive one complimentary copy of the physical book. (And, yes, you will have the opportunity to get more if you wish for gift-giving!)

You can also use additional copies of the book as a client/businessattraction tool.
These books will make great incentive gifts, can be made available on
your website, sold in the back of room or given away—it’s up to you.

Or you can just have your own copy on your personal bookshelf knowing you are a co-author to a project that’s much, much bigger than yourself.

What else do you need to know?

How much to participate in this once in a life time opportunity?

it’s important to you for your entry to appear on a specific date,
such as a loved one’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, then
choose this option.

after registering you will be asked to list the preferred dates. (Dates
are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis so there’s no
guarantee you will receive your choice.) The earlier you register, the
more likely you will get your preferred date. Only $49 for this “œdate
option.” To choose this option
CLICK HERE to register

Or, if you want, you can “just get in the book” with your entry and let us choose the date where it appears. Only $29 for this option. To choose this option CLICK HERE to register. Choose to be in both books at a discountCLICK HERE.

“Co- Author Reservation Opportunity”

“Yes! I want to be a part of The WETATi Woman Book Projects”

clicking on any of the above links and choosing any of the options
where you fill out your name, address, email and payment information,
you have RESERVED your SPOT by completing that process.

  • After you submit your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in something big: The WETATi Book Project. YOU will appear in a professionally published book you can be proud of.

encourage you to join in now instead of saying “woulda, shoulda,
coulda” when the books are released next year and you see it making
waves and changing lives.

We expect these spots to go fast! Don’t let someone else take your spot and claim your special day for their own. Act now!

See you soon as a published author— Greatness is in your Destiny- Envision it! Believe it! Act on it!

Margaret Dureke, Juris Doctor; 2012 FestAfrica Community Award Winner

9 time award winning author; Member of the WETATi Book Project

Have more questions? Email us at

[email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Fine Print: Read This CAREFULLY

WETATi reserves the right to accept or reject any co-author application and/or piece submitted to The WETATi Book Project.
Why would we do that? There are a few reasons, including: 1) The piece
isn’t appropriate for the project and the co-author refuses to alter
it 2) The author did not follow the guidelines above. (Just so you know,
the chance of this happening is extremely rare.)

have up to 48 hours to cancel your reserved spot, and your money will
be fully refunded. If we reject your piece, you’ll receive a full
refund. Other than that, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN UNDER ANY
CIRCUMSTANCES, including if the co-author does not submit their entry by
our production deadlines. Why are we such sticklers? Because, to make
this project a success, we need people who are ready to fully commit to
The WETATi Book Project. If you
don’t provide a piece by the deadline, or change your mind about your
piece being included, you agree to forfeit your participation in The WETATi Book Project® WITH NO REFUND.

WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are calling on all business owners and or anyone who would like to advertise their business or to simply congratulate WETATi on taking on this task or information in these books to do so in these promising WETATi
Book(s). Here is your chance. For a nominal fee you can share by
promoting you or your business in the collection of several adverts in
the back of the books.

Advert Specifications

The Empowerment Soup 4 the Soul of the WETATi Woman

To Advertise your business at the back of this book CLICK HERE

6 x 9 Actual Book Size

Full Page: 6 x 9 $250

half page: 4.5 x 6 $150

quarter page: 4.5 x 3 $ 95

business card size: 3 x 2 $ 50

Congratulatory Ads without business promotions -$100.00- size 6 x 9 (available only on full page)

To Advertise your business at the back of this book CLICK HERE

WETATi 365 Days

5.06 x 7.81: Book Actual Size

Full Page: 5.06 x 7.81 $225

Half page: 5.06 x 3.9 $135

Quarter Page: 2.53 x 3.9 $ 85

Business Card size: 2.5 x 2 $ 50

Congratulatory Ads without business promotions -$75.00- size 5.06 x 7.81 (available only on full page)

All Ads must be submitted camera ready with exact specifications and emailed to

[email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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