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-When asked "How is WETATi different from any other organization you have joined?" Kim DelValle of Florida said, "WETATi is about people growing together and helping one another through service.  WETATi has a servant philosophy mindset and attitude whereas other organizations were more self-serving."

-Krystal Glenn of Maryland  has this to say when asked the same question: "WETATi is different from other organizations that I have joined simply because its focus is on the person. I love the way that you have to complete these questions. It requires you to think about why you are really interested in joining the organization. It’s not about how many members, but more the quality of the members. They say you are only as strong as your weakest link and WETATi makes sure that all their members are STRONG in turn creating a powerful organization. I am excited to be a part of something that will not only enhance me personally as a woman but also as a business woman and sister in this community of great women. Also the leadership is divine. Margaret has an aura about her that lets me know that this is destined for GREATNESS! WETATi POWER!"

-If other women organizations are built with similar foundation and purpose like WETATi, many women will not be left out on their own to struggle. As one of the international members of WETATi, I will make sure everyone I come across gets the opportunity to experience what WETATi has done for me…because of WETATi, I am coming to America for the International Women's Conference. Every woman needs to be a WETATianDr. Ijeoma Nwando Okereke Lagos, Nigeria.

WETATi came into my life like a whirlwind; and I hopped on!!  An organization with a clear mission and structure of excellence to pursue their purpose of reaching 2 million women in 2 years.  A nurturing place where you are allowed to fulfill your individual goals and to share with the whole of WETATi commmunity.  Not only are you blossoming in your lane; but, you have others on the road with you – traveling companions.  Now that is powerful. – Gloria Jean Brown, Maryland

WETATi offers a wide variety of personal and Business development and Empowerment programs that is geared to ADVANCE and CHALLENGE women to DARE to Achieve their Impossible.


  •    * Partnership with businesses in the United States and Africa and the Caribbean
  •    * Partnership with universities and other academic institutions in the United States
  •    * University scholarships for qualified students from Africa and the Caribbean
  •    * Partnerships with hospitals and healthcare institutions in the United States
  •     *Partnership with other NGOs in the United States
  •     *Organize female tourists to Africa and the Caribbean
  •     *Partnership with churches in the United States
  •     *WETATi Dress Shirt
  •     *WETATi T-Shirt
  •     *WETATi Lapel Pin
  • *Members have the opportunity to leverage some of the business joint ventures WETATi has secured EXCLUSIVELY with major corporations for her members
  • *Opportunity to gain employment with our corporate partners
  • *Offer your services as a member to other members in our community under our Member-to-Member Services program
  • *Business Consulting  Services
  • *Social Networking
  • *Monthly Business Networking
  • *Publishing
  • *Website Buildign Services
  • *Become one of our Coaches/Experts if eligible and leverage your talent 
  • *We are the only one with our own empowering theme song titled"WETATi Power"
  • *The WETATi Dance Craze that inspires you to move and take action
  • *WETATi Dress Shirt
  • *WETATi T-Shirt
  • *WETATi Lapel Pin 

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      WETATi Daily Living words to help you start your day with a positive mind-set. These are in the forms of videos, texts, or both.














      A monthly video highlighting topics of interest to WETATi Members.












      Featured ‘Member of the Month’who would be chosen based on her submission of how she achieved her ‘impossible’ or why she became a ‘WETATi’ woman.












      An exclusive comprehensive plan customized for you to help you achieve your ‘impossible’… First, write down what your ‘impossible’ dream, or aspiration is and we will provide the support and platform that will help you make it a reality. (This will be available online as soon as you join.) .













      24-hour online support with access to the website and the ‘Personal Development Resource Center’ from the comfort of your home.













      A 5-Step ‘Accountability Progress Assessment’ to keep you on track toward achieving your ‘impossible.’

    • Opportunity to be a Featured Member and showcase your products or services & opportunity to leverage WETATi's corporate business partnerships










      Discounts on the certain tele-seminars that will be conducted with noted experts in various fields pertaining to women and how to achieve set goals that will be recorded and available for download to your computer.











      Free downloads of game changing ‘WETATi’ videos/e-Books that are designed for members, as they become available. Example: “5 Secret Steps to Achieving Your Impossible.”











      Each WETATi member has access to the secure ‘Member Network’ area of the web-site.. This is a member’s only community where you may network with other women … sharing your areas of expertise, interests, business, and desire to connect.











      WETATi members who have demonstrated strong commitment to our vision/mission, achieved personal milestones and have had positive impact on other women in their sphere of influence will be recognized at our live events.

    • Receive a FREE gift for every two people you refer who become active members.





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