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-on your Decision to join Women Empowered to Achieve the Impossible (WETATi)

to give yourself the permission and confidence to be whatever you want to be without feeling guilty or making apologies for who you are or what you bring to the table while on your journey to achieve your “IMPOSSIBLE”.


Welcome to the LIFE you NEVER knew was Possible!
The vision is to support and inspire women to aim to achieve their impossible
by living PURPOSEFULLY, INTENTIONALLY, BOLDLY, & with AUDACITY by using the thoughtfully, carefully and strategically CREATED programs/tools we have in our COMMUNITY.

The Goal of this community of empowered women is to help 2,000,000 women in two years all over the world to achieve what they think is their ‘impossible’.

As an organization formed to uplift others in need and support, WETATi gives help women in seeking better ways of being and doing.

WETATi is not a religious organization. It is a universal organization with an umbrella vantage point for all women world-wide that need WETATi to stand; whether you are at a turning point or at a beginning point.

WETATi has strategically and methodically partnered with very reputable personal and business channels that provide affordable life changing personal and business coaching solutions so that every woman; regardless of socio-economic status, geographical locations, religion, education, marital status, to mention but a few, – has access to the tools and resources necessary to create and manifest a life she desires and deserves by DARING to achieve her impossible.


I give myself the permission to be powerful. I commit my mind, body,Soul & spirit completely to unconditional POWER and Love. My life’s AIM is to commit to this because………….

1. I love, respect, honor, trust and accept myself wholly and unconditionally
2. I love and accept others wholly and unconditionally
3. I speak Truth with kindness and compassion
4. I am heart-centered in all I think, say and do
5. I live a principle centered life. My character is strong and impeccable
6. I am responsible for my world and all that is in it
7. I completely trust, honor and follow my intuition, my inner Voice of wisdom
8. I am a generous giver. I love to give. I give generously and enthusiastically from my abundant overflow
9. I take extreme care of myself. My daily habits, rituals and chosen lifestyle sustain and deeply fulfill me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.
10. I am powerful beyond measure, graceful beyond knowing and peaceful beyond comprehension
11. I promise to be the best version of me that God intended for me to be by walking in my greatness
12. I promise to love, care for, and embrace the WETATI Woman within me for she shall forever show her sassiness
13. I commit to stand in the gap with my fellow WETATians during good times for celebration and during challenges for prayer and support
14. My values align with the truth of who I really am.
15. I am loyal. I walk in integrity
16. I empower women with mentorship and coaching that enables them to live a wealthy, free and peaceful lifestyle
17. I am healthy and physically fit. Everything about me is changing for the best
18. My body is strong and resilient. I am well, whole, perfect & energetic
19. I am celebrated and loved from the inside out.
20. I am my own best friend
21. My commitment to God and myself is to always be grateful for all His blessings – no matter how big or small they may be – and for wherever
He may lead me. I will always walk in His grace and love.

WETATi’s Principles for ODICHE Daily Living

1. Awareness : I am self-aware. I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I commit to becoming more and more self-aware by paying close attention to my life and all the messages I’m receiving as feedback from my world.

2. Acceptance : I accept myself completely as I am, and know that whatever is happening right now is for my highest and best good. I do not fight with life. I have peace even when things are not as I would like them to be. I understand that what I resist, persists; so I choose to take the path of peace and accept what I cannot currently change.

3. Acknowledgment : I acknowledge my weaknesses and commit to healing anything that no longer serves me. My acknowledgment of what must be healed and/or transformed is based on me taking total responsibility for my life,and keeps me from blame and projection.

4. Accountability : I put systems in place that keep me on track to do what I say I am going to do to create the extraordinary and deeply fulfilling life of greatness I know I am worthy of.

5. Authenticity : I am forever myself. I show the real me and never hide who I am. I am genuine and real. I am true to me, whether people like it or not.

6. Commitment : I do what I say I am going to do, when I say I’m going to do it, in the way I said I would do it. I make only meaningful commitments and I honor all my commitments with joy. If there is a commitment I cannot honor, I contact the ones I made the commitment to – in advance – and share that I desire a re-negotiation. The re-negotiation of the commitment must be agreeable to all parties involved. When I give my word, I follow through.

7. Discipline : I do what I know is mine to do by taking the consistent action steps required to intentionally and consciously create a life I love, whether I feel like it or not. My dreams, goals and intentions are important to me and I demonstrate this truth by applying myself to the process that brings them into manifestation.

8. Excellence : I do my very best always. I strive for perfection because it is the only way that I achieve that which is possible. However, I do know that things may never be perfect, but yet I strive so that I can achieve that which most would have thought was once impossible. As I do my best, I am pleased and proud of myself. I ask myself continually: Is this my very best?

9. Freedom : I know I am free and I demonstrate this truth in every aspect of my life. There are no limits on my life. I let go of attachments. My mind is free.

10. Enlightenment : My mind is illuminated with the bright light of Truth. I let my light shine. I know I am the light of the world.

11. Prosperity : I open to my greatest good by doing what is required to create and maintain a prosperity consciousness. My intention is to live prosperously.

12. Generosity : I give freely from an open hand that is continually being filled with good. I love to give! What’s in the cup is for me. I freely give what spills over into the saucer.

13. Compassion : I am moved to take action to relieve the suffering of the world from a deep and abiding Love. I do not feel sorry for people. I see the radiant light each person is. I am moved to support my earth siblings in being all they can be.

14. Honesty : I share openly the truth about how I really feel and what I really think with kindness and love. I understand that my inner experience is important, valuable and worthy of expression in my loving relationships.

15. Power : I know that Power is the driving force for good in my life. I do not force. I stand in loving power, knowing that power achieves more than force.My power to do good in my life and in the lives of others is infinite. I recharge my power by habits and rituals that renew and rejuvenate me. I am powerful.

16. Responsibility : I have the ability to respond to anything that unfolds in my life.I choose to take responsibility for everything in my world. If I don’t like something in my world, I look in the mirror, own it, and commit to transform or re-create it. I then follow through with the steps required to create what I desire. My life is my joyous responsibility.

17. Integrity : What I do when no one is watching is the same I would do if everyone were watching. I have a solid core within myself that is based on principle that determines how I will act in any given situation. I cannot be bought. I do what is principle-centered always, regardless of what is at stake.

18. Transformation : I am committed to my own growth and evolution, and to the evolution and growth of those in my life. I love growing and evolving. I embrace change. I am continually transforming into a better me.

19. Clarity : I have a clear vision for my life. I see my life as I desire it to be with crystal clear inner vision. I know that pain will push me until my compelling vision pulls me. I choose to be pulled forward by a compelling vision.

20. Trust : I know all is well. I know I am well taken care of. I know I am sustained.I know I am right now being guided to my highest and best life. I know life loves me. I expect the very best in all circumstances and in every aspect of my life. I confidently – with full faith – let go and allow my Higher Power to bring me to better outcomes than I could ever create on my own.

21. Wisdom : I learn from my life. I do not repeat the same mistakes over and over, knowing that this wastes valuable time and energy. I apply what I read and study by using it and seeing the practicality for myself. I ask for and open myself to receive ever increasing wisdom about life and my place in it.

22. Truth : I live by Truth. I speak Truth. I do not assume that my understanding of truth must be another’s. I am forever open to and welcome the continuous revelation of Truth.

WETATi POWER Tools for an Extraordinary Life

A WETATi Woman has COACHING, COMMUNITY and FELLOWSHIPPING as her support system in creating an extraordinary and deeply fulfilling life of greatness and purpose. Here, identify these support systems for yourself:


My Coaches (identify 2 or more):
My Spiritual Life Coach is: _________________________________________
My Health/Wellness Coach is: ______________________________________
My Relationship Coach is: _________________________________________
My Money/Career Coach is: _______________________________________
My ____________ Coach is: _______________________________________
My ____________ Coach is: _______________________________________
My ____________ Coach is: _______________________________________


My Communities (identify 1 or more):
My spiritual community is: ________________________________________
My ___________ community is: ____________________________________
My ___________ community is: ____________________________________


Sister-friends, girlfriends and accountability partners are necessary in the support system for a WETATi Woman . When you’re having challenges, or find yourself in the ditch of life, there are a few sisters you know who will come by with a can of ditch-be-gone and spray it on you. When you require support and accountability, what sister-friends do you call on?

My Ditch-be-gone Sister-friends (identify 3 or more):

1. _________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________
4. _________________________________________________
5. _________________________________________________

My Accountability Partners (identify 2 or more):

1. _________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________
4. _________________________________________________
5. _________________________________________________

Having completed this pledge I am ready to step out boldly and better than ever
into a life of my own creation, by intention, and with love. I am committed, on a
whole new level, to living on PURPOSE, with PASSION and POWER and in abundant
PROSPERITY on my way to achieving my impossible. I am creating a support system of COACHING, COMMUNITY and FELLOWSHIP that supports me in living an extraordinary life of greatness by achieving my impossible daily.

Signature: __________________________________________________________
Date: ________________________

On behalf of WETATians world-wide, we welcome you to our Community; where you can NOW Achieve your impossible that you once thought impossible! – WETATi POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[email protected]

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