"Good Evening Dr.Dureke,
My name is Brianna Moore. We spoke after the WETATi event last Thursday and we exchanged business cards. I want to first say thank you again for your inspirational talk and words of encouragement. I really enjoyed myself and I am glad that I came. Everything you said about having multiple sources of income, is what I have been hearing practically all my life from my parents and older brother. Anyways, I joined the WETATi Entrepreneurship Club. I have a 3 … ideas, I am blessed to have people who informed me about the do's and don’ts of college, but I know that everyone is not as fortunate. …So when I met you, you peaked my interest to turning my….into a business. I have a lot of knowledge that I believe needs to be shared. Is this something that you believe will be beneficial to share? Any assistance that you can provide to me is greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you."
— Brianna Moore
Bowie State University
"I was first introduced to the WETATi organization through Dr. Dureke when she spoke as a guest speaker at our the weekly Hillman Entrepreneurship Meeting. Dr. Dureke was inspiring as always, she spoke passionately, but I didn't realize how vital an organization such as WETATi is to our community. Even though I am not directly involved in the organization, I've witnessed the effect of the organization on both me and my peers who are WETATi members.
"The first time I noticed was at the WETATi convention in April. I saw entrepreneurs with different Ideas competing for a chance to make their ideas reality and it inspired me. I have business ideas of my own that I would like to make reality one day, but the conference made me realize that one day is not enough. I realized that all the obstacles in my way were excuses and that I may not able to do everything now, but I can start somewhere.
"Another unintended benefit of WETATi was attending the Delegate Alonzo Washington Conference and meeting him in person.The event restored my faith in the democratic process and inspired me to be more involved.As I listened to him talk about supporting small business, providing affordable community college for students, and finding other way to improve the lives of his constituents, I realize that it takes more than one person to make a difference. I may be able to affect some people's lives as an entrepreneur, but Delegate Washington can do so much more to change more lives for the better. I realize the importance of being involved and active in the community, and that my involvement could be another step towards electing people like Delegate Washington into office.
"I have also seen how WETATi changes people for the better. My friend, Chris Wright, decided to intern for the WETATi organization after listening to Dr. Dureke speak for the first time. He's not usually the one to apply for an unpaid internships, and when I asked him why, he said he was moved by Dr. Dureke's speech. Since then, I've witnessed his growth firsthand. He started as a social media intern , and now he's currently in the process of designing an app for WETATi.
 "Finally, speaking with Dr. Dureke is an amazing experience. While speaking with her, I realized how much WETATi embodies much of the believes that I value. It is easy to see that she's passionate about what she does, and when that resonates with what you, it reignites that passion from within and makes your ideas that much more possible. These were my experiences from the outside looking in. WETATi is an organization dedicated to promoting Entrepreneurship by empowering people, particularly amongst the underrepresented communities. WETATi empowered me ( I didn't even realize it), and I would be honored to be a part of the organization."
— Damilola Anthonia
Hillman Entrepreneurship Honors
Prince George's Community College, Largo, Maryland
"Going to the WETATI event was very educational and very exciting. I myself want to become an entrepreneur to start my own business. Before going to this event I knew I always wanted to start my own business but I thought I was too young and no one would take me seriously but after the event I learned a lot! At the event there was people of all ages and coming out and talking about how they started their business and how it successful it has been or how they've been working on their business and WETATI has help them have a foundation for their business. In the event topics like financials as well as talking about you can do anything if you put your mind to it as well it's good to have team to help you and do not only are being invested in your dream of starting your own business that it takes time and patience but you'll there. I also learned that starting your own business should not be about the money it should be about the reason you wanted to create your business . Ever since that day it made me think about myself personal and how I can make an impact to the world as well a change with my business that I'm try to persuade myself I think every kid my age should at least visit one of the many events you enter with a certain mindset and leave with another."
— Saigee
15 Years Old
College Park Academy, Maryland
"Working with WETATi was a pleasure beyond measure. I enjoyed my time working with a fun group of people on projects that felt meaningful. They have allowed me to work freely to find solutions unique to my skills and sensibilities and were very open to hear and take in ideas I had to offer.
"I very much enjoyed being a part of the planning and participating in the WETATi Convention and Gala. The Convention had much to offer in way of spirited competitions, engaging speaker and panelists, and networking opportunities that are all valuable resources for any student attending college. Many of my classmates have expressed their admiration for the program and wished they had joined with the program sooner. As a student who had the honor of working so close to WETATi and experiencing the fullest effect, I can only give it my highest recommendation.
 "I am very grateful for being a recipient of the WETATi-Anne Reese Scholarship. I welcome any bit of financial remuneration that would help alleviate the gauntlet that is our education system. However, WETATi has offered me so much more that cannot possibly be expressed monetarily. As I make my transition to UMCP in the following semester, I plan on sticking with WETATi and being a part of their Next Generation."
— Nayeem Ali
2017 WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Recipient
Prince George's Community College, Largo, Maryland
WETATi Intern
"My name is Wendy Archer, I attended my first WETATi event in October 2016.  I sat and listened to several great speakers recalling their hiccups offering their learning blocks to the road of success.  I was welcomed like family, (a hug from the Dr. Dureke)  That is where I learned about the business idea competition.  WETATi is giving the community an opportunity to turn their ideas into a real tangible product!  I was excited.  I hit the drawing board and began developing my business plan. They have been working me and others ever since in developing our business ideas and plans. I attended the WETATi convention and gala in April 2017 and listened and learned from more great speakers.  The speakers were very motivating! I learned about finances, available resources, the importance of a mentor, developing and maintaining a support team, staying healthy in order to provide ongoing services to your clients/customers.
 "I enjoyed the knowledge.  Knowledge is power, when used.  When I presented my business plan and idea to the judges during the competition as one of the finalists, I prayed they would overlook my nervousness and see my vision.  They did!  I won first place!!  I would have never had the guts to present my idea to anyone if it wasn't for WETATi in the way they encourage people to be and do.  Dr. Dureke made me feel like family.  Without the support and guidance of WETATi my business idea would not have flourished!
 "What sets WETATi apart from other organizations is the support and comfort they provide and how firm they are in making sure we get all the tools, resources and capacity we need to succeed. This organization is totally different to any other out there because I have been around and have been searching.  Access to a great support system is unspeakable in this day and age.  Working with people I feel comfortable with, that genuinely care about my well being, is like working with family.  You even gain business mentors. If you have not heard about WETATi, go to there website (www.wetati.com) and learn how you can be a part of something big, where dreams are realized, it begins with just one idea!  Even better go now and join the 2018 Entrepreneurship COMPETITION and sign up to compete for next year, YOU could be next! Thank you WETATI!"
— Wendy Archer
 WETATi 2017 Entrepreneurship Competition 1st Place Winner



"Thank you and the WETATi family for your hospitality, leadership and support.  This year's event surpassed all other years and was a resounding success in more ways than I can count.  I am so happy that I was able to attend all three days of the Convention. Congratulations to you, Dr. Dureke and the entire WETATi organization  for another stellar and informative event."
— Towanda R.  Livingston
Director, Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise (SLMBE) Office, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)



"I found the session great and energy I haven't seen before. This session was raw. It didn't hold back. It struck a nerve that most speakers do not hit. Dr. Dureke connected as though she was a family member offering guidance."
— Chris, PGCC Hillman Entrepreneurs
2016 Convention Attendee
"I was so fortunate to attend an event organized by WETATI (Women Empowered To Achieve The Impossible, We're Empowered To Achieve The Impossible), an organization dedicated to help people think beyond their limited beliefs so that they can actually achieve much more than what we can imagine. My sincere gratitude to my coworker Vanessa for inviting me there and Spencer for giving me company. Thank you WETATI. Keep doing what you doing."
— 2016 Convention Attendee

"It was my great honor to meet Dr. Margaret Dureke and entrepreneur Towanda Livingston. These two ladies are the most powerful and daring ladies I have met. I look forward to strengthening our relationships so that we can impact many people and help them unleash their true potential. I truly look forward to learning from you both."
— Pradeep, 2016 Convention Attendee



"…For the first time I had the opportunity to participate in WETATi Creative Thinking, Leadership & Business Development Series at Univesity of Maryland this past Saturday October 25, 2014 and would like to express my gratitude and warm congratulation. The quality of lectures were at  very high level and so was the structure of the Conference. Particularly attractive features were the kindness, warmth and professionalism of the staff of the Conference in every place and every segment. This, however, is not see so often. I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an excellent event and of course for the warm hospitality you extended to all of us."

— Netty Ghezai
2014 Seminar Attendee



On behalf of Sisters4Sisters, Inc. and our Sisterhood Community I would like to Congratulate you on your AWESOME Community Service Award . It is beautiful when a Woman takes on a Mission with Courage, Conviction and Inspiration designed to change the World. I am extremely proud of you and grateful for your amazing strength, energy and God fearing Life. You Inspire me to REACH beyond the Sky!    I am ALWAYS in your cheering section !!!!!

— Sister Carolyn



"The best part about life is being a part of such a powerful organization, like WETATi that uplifts and motivates us all everyday."

— Scholastique Koolimo



"I was impressed and inspired by what WETATi is about….I can be an asset to WETATi and WETATi will be an asset to me."

— Ruby Burke



"Congratulations, Ms. Margaret. That is simply awesome. I have watched your performance this past year and I am impressed with your consistency. Yours is the kind of consistency that can neither be distracted nor take a NO for an answer. May the good lord keep your oil flowing."

— Uzo



"My Dear Sister, Waooooh! Not only were you looking fantastic but your confidence and comportment really trilled me. Even Ndimyaka could not help but compliment you severally. I am very proud of you and i know your hubby and kids are also. Of all the other speakers, u were the best. Keep up the good work. Warm regards."

Izegbua Oise



"As Mrs.Dureke sums it. . .marriage and career are not opponents. Correctly viewed and lived, marriage is a tool of empowerment! In life partnerships and relationships are quite necessary and inevitable for ones' growth (seek one with whom you are equally yoked)."

Comment on Black American Women: Voice of America TV Interview




"Meg,thanks for this word on marble.The first time I heard you say this was in 2007 on a VOA TV programme.I tried to get in touch with you thru' the hostess of that programme(Linou Moudou)to no avail.I wrote it down somewhere but misplaced it.I'm going to enlarge and frame this word and hang in strategic places.Meg,Nigerian youths are really missing your wealth of experience in motivational talks.Let me ask you again like I've been doing these past years:When will Nigeria benefit from your talent?To use our parlance here:" remember,you were born and bred and buttered here. Well done Margaret. I know in no too distant future this country would recognise her "hidden treasure". Cheers Meg."

Gregory Chibuzo Oduah-Abrahams



"WETATi saved my life! At the crossroad of contemplation and confusion came an overarching hero in the form of a women's group devoted to making an impact in the lives of women, such as myself, around the world. As an African American woman, I am honored by society with the burden of double consciousness. This burden entails not simply being subjected to the bottom as a woman or as an African American, but living in constant inferiority to the social supremacy created hundreds of years ago by our society. Prosperity doesn't even seem like a possibility, but WETATi teaches you that nothing is impossible. WETATi is power and strength engorged in dedication and love. It is a support system for generations of transcending success. I am a new woman and I have found new hope for my future aspirations. Thank you WETATi!"

— Rosa Abraha
University of Maryland College Park



"The WETATi conference was a remarkable experience. Even though I had read about the organization, I was not certain about what to expect at the conference. However, after the conference I was overcome with joy for having the opportunity to be part of it. I was impressed by the humility of the successful women in attendance, how much I had learned in the short time frame, the networks I had made, and the prospects of the future. I felt encouraged and motivated to broaden my horizons, and reach for the stars. The most significant lesson I learned is that nothing is impossible to accomplish with hard work and positivity. There was no woman in attendance that did not lift my soul. All the women in the conference, especially Towanda Livingston, director of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, inspired me to dream big, think big, and act big. I believe her success story will inspire many more women to be hopeful because she started from the bottom, and now she is on top. As she said, “life will throw you rocks, you can either choose to let it bury you or you can choose to use it to build an empire.” Overall, the conference was a five star experience: the location, the discussions, the food, and the live entertainment.  I have no doubt that one day I will be part of the panelist. I am grateful to Mrs. Dureke for creating this majestic sisterhood of strong women.

— Kelechi Eke
University of Maryland College Park



"I wasn't fully aware what WETATi was until I stepped into the conference and was greeted with warm smiles and warm greetings from the WETATI warriors. Immediately I felt at home and I felt as if my success and future mattered to all the women. I know that without the warm environment at the conference it would not have been the same experience. We were all treated like daughters and sisters and that made it so much easier to dream bigger. I left the conference feeling ready to conquer the world and become the great woman I am meant to be. 


"It felt wonderful to be in a room of such great dignitaries and successful business owner. It was especially inspiring that most were women of African descent. It is a powerful impact when you are able to see women who look just like you achieve successes that seem impossible.  All of us girls from the University of Maryland were able to improve our networking skills, as well as have great opportunities such as internships and collaborations. 


"The conference reminded me to not conform to what is expected of me by society, but rather to aspire for more.  I thank Dr Dureke and the WETATI warriors for putting together the conference, as well as Ms Carswell for affording me such a great opportunity." 

–Janet Mwebi
University of Maryland College Park



"Attending the WETATi conference was the best decision I ever made. I love going to hotels and that is what initially prompted me to go. However, after listening to the wonderful speakers, something awakened in me. I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of disappointment because I realized that I haven't been as ambitious as I could be. There I was, surrounded by strong women, women who held positions of power and who are fighting to make a positive impact on their community and then there was little old me. I learned that I can make a difference and that the sky is my limit. I have everything, all the resources at my disposal and that means that there is no excuse for me not to be great. This is what I learned from WETATi and this experience has truly changed my life for the better. I am so grateful to have been a part of it this year and I hope to continue to be a part of it for many years to come."

Temidayo Makinde
University of Maryland College Park



"The WETATi conference was a phenomenal experience. In one weekend, we undergrads had the opportunity to network with international and local leaders including the mayor, doctors, First Ladies, ambassadors and more. The panelists for each critical issue were knowledgeable and offered a necessary discussion on subject matters that we were passionate about. I enjoyed the professionalism and genuine concern that encompassed the tone of the event and learned many new things about how to be successful in our world. I especially found it interesting to learn the difference between wealth and financial independence. I believe lessons like this one are key in inspiring young minds to take ownership of the future. I am so grateful for having attended the WETATi conference. Since the conference, I have made my own personal business cards and been invited to participate on my school's pre-health panel where I share my insight with pre-health hopefuls. It is humbling. I hope to be a leader that impacts others like so many of the leaders during the WETATi conference."

— Opeyemi Fadoju
University of Maryland College Park



"In many of my college experiences I am mostly exposed to people my age. The WETATi Conference allowed me to meet and speak with so many women outside my age group who hold great knowledge and wisdom about life. I was able to network with various professionals and gain insight on how they reached their career goals. I was also able to make connections that could possibly lead to potential internships in the future. This conference allowed me to reaffirm that nothing is impossible especially with a network of dedicated and successful WETATi women by my side."

Alexandra Maye
University of Maryland College Park


"The WETATi conference was definitely one of the most defining moments in my life this year. Especially as a graduating senior it fired up my ambitions and most definitely empowered me to achieve the impossible. It inspired me to want more in life and assured me that nothing was impossible as long as my heart and efforts were invested in it 100%. I can't even begin to explain what I saw while I was there because I learned a lot more than words can describe. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of successful women gathering in one setting to inspire one another.  I plan to be part of this organization in the near future so that I too can make an impact in another person’s life. I want to be the change I want to see in the world and this conference assured me that I could do so in many ways. I was touched by the discussions held in the panels and appreciated the contributions from my fellow mates and leaders. The energy was just so positive and so inspiring that I believe that each one of us was empowered to achieve the impossible, which is truly not impossible when thrust upon strong and willful minded people as the ones I had the pleasure of attending this conference with as well as the ones I was so blessed to encounter during this impactful conference."

— Gillian Mbambo
University of Maryland College Park



"WETATi has taught me that the limits of your strength are unknown until they are tested. It is in that moment that you’ll realize there are no bounds. This a wonderful program started by Mrs. Dureke. It showed me that wanting to win is common to all; working to win is the real mark of a champion. WETATi makes you want to be a champion. The program makes you believe in that dream. Finally, WETATi taught me that a dream is not what you see in sleep, but that it is the thing that does not let you sleep. I have learned so much from WETATi. I am forever grateful for the beautiful knowledge I have acquired from WETATi."

— Comfort Adewunmi
University of Maryland College Park



"WETATi stands for women empowered to achieve the impossible. It was after learning the message behind the title that I knew that the weekend of March 23rd 2013 would be a defining moment in my life and boy was it! A forum for women of all ages, backgrounds, and different careers, all came together to share one common theme that weekend; sisterhood. Although throughout the conference we attended different panels and discussed about varying topics which were of great importance to me and the rest of my peers. What talked to my spirit the most was the willingness of the older women to propel us as far and as quickly as they could. These women had already been where we were and wanted to guide us the best way they knew how. The quote by Margaret Dureke “every woman that is positive is my sister” is the number one thing that stuck out to me the entire weekend because whether we consciously realize it or not, we as women are the backbone to every good thing in this world. It is up to us to create the positive energy around everyone we know so that then and only then will we ALL be able to truly achieve the impossible."

— Jumoke Akinola
President of SOUL
University of Maryland College Park


"How is WETATi different from any other organization you have joined?" Kim DelValle of Florida said, "WETATi is about people growing together and helping one another through service.  WETATi has a servant philosophy mindset and attitude whereas other organizations were more self-serving."

— Kim DelValle


"WETATi is different from other organizations that I have joined simply because its focus is on the person. I love the way that you have to complete these questions. It requires you to think about why you are really interested in joining the organization. It’s not about how many members, but more the quality of the members. They say you are only as strong as your weakest link and WETATi makes sure that all their members are STRONG in turn creating a powerful organization. I am excited to be a part of something that will not only enhance me personally as a woman but also as a business woman and sister in this community of great women. Also the leadership is divine. Margaret has an aura about her that lets me know that this is destined for GREATNESS! WETATi POWER!"

— Krystal Glenn


"If other women organizations are built with similar foundation and purpose like WETATi, many women will not be left out on their own to struggle. As one of the international members of WETATi, I will make sure everyone I come across gets the opportunity to experience what WETATi has done for me…because of WETATi, I am coming to America for the International Women's Conference. Every woman needs to be a WETATian."

— Dr. Ijeoma Nwando Okereke
Lagos, Nigeria


"WETATi came into my life like a whirlwind; and I hopped on!!  An organization with a clear mission and structure of excellence to pursue their purpose of reaching 2 million women in 2 years.  A nurturing place where you are allowed to fulfill your individual goals and to share with the whole of WETATi commmunity.  Not only are you blossoming in your lane; but, you have others on the road with you – traveling companions.  Now that is powerful."

— Gloria Jean Brown































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