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Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke

Founder and President of WETATi

Goodwill Ambassador for the Republic of
  The Gambia

Entrepreneur, Publisher

Bestselling Author

Motivator and Success Coach of Academy, a Coaching
 Boutique Where Ideas Come ALIVE!





Her Excellency Dr. Margaret Dureke is a renowned well sought after national and international motivational and empowerment speaker. Because of her unique ability to inspire and uplift others no matter the circumstance, Dr. Dureke has been hailed as the “Moxie Motivator” by the Prince George’s Gazette Newspaper. Some of her noteworthy appearances include: speaker and presenter at the 58th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott honoring Rosa Parks in Alabama; presenter on the Issue of Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth in the Republic of Tanzania; and for the international political community of the Organization of African Union Ambassadors to the United States on the issue of Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth in the Diaspora.  Margaret is a successful serial entrepreneur, publisher, and author of several personal and business development books such as How to Succeed Against All Odds, The Power of Consistency, I AM…The Power of Self Awareness, and THINK, BELIEVE, ACT, & Grow Rich to mention but a few.


Because of the pains and struggles to find herself in life and business, Margaret, for the last twenty-six years, has been indefatigably driven to advocate for change of narrative for the next generation from job seeking mentality to creating their own opportunity while they are in school. This is her mission and passion having gone through school and acquired all the classroom theoretical knowledge; and though she had all the degrees to insure success in the marketplace, that insurance of success did not happen. She believes there has to be a better way to connect practical to classroom knowledge to create a better economic path for the next generation.


Dr. Dureke is the Founder, President and CEO of WETATi which stands for We’re Empowered To Achieve The impossible and Women Empowered To Achieve The impossible. Among her major accomplishments Dr. Dureke is the first African who has founded an organization with a Center for Creative Thinking, Leadership & Entrepreneurship (WETATi) that is established in a major institution in America such as the University of Maryland College Park, Nyumburu Cultural Center and at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Additionally, WETATi has been recognized by Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski for its commitment to empowering women from all walks of life. Though not from the Gambia, Margaret was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador to the Republic of Gambia in recognition of her Humanitarian and Philanthropic Work Around the World. Her success stories have been featured in many publications such as the Washington Post and Washington Informer, and TV Media such as PGCTV, Voice of America, and Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).


Margaret has a BA with Honors from Howard University and Juris Doctorate degree from Washington College of Law, American University.


She is happily married to her husband John Dureke for the last 30 years, and the mother of three beautiful and talented girls, Chidinma, Chuckwunonso, and Destiny who are also entrepreneurs.


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