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WETATi Center 4 Creative Thinking, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (WC4CTLE)


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WETATi Next Generation, Nyumburu Cultural Center
University of Maryland, College Park, and

Center for Entrepreneurial Development, PGCC










Calling All Innovators and Entrepreneurs!


ANY and ALL BUSINESS IDEAS are eligible to compete!


We have “ANGEL INVESTORS” seeking to invest in




6 points of BENEFITS +


Seed funding for startup (Grants)
• Mentorship from the WETATi center
• Capacity building with strategic partners
• Access to capital (Connections to banks; loans, resources )
• Access to angel investors
• Business plan training : Preparing contestants to write business plan:
   Nov. 7th, 2017 & Feb. 6th, 2018, at UMCP



The 2017-2018 WETATi Annual Entrepreneurship
Empowerment Competition is Now Open!





On All 4 WC4CTLE Club Levels
membership levels…

(Next Generation and Millennial are considered one level together for registration purposes for this competition ONLY.  You MUST register on the appropriate level as outlined according to the stipulations to be considered for the competition.)

(You MUST be a member of the WC4CTLE Club to enter the competition)







Final Date for Submissions – February 28, 2018 at 11:59 PM

SEALED results Grants/Awards will be presented
Saturday, April 7th, 2018 at the WETATi CONVENTION & GALA,
University of Maryland College Park



Calling All Innovators and Student** Entrepreneurs!


The entrepreneurship competition platform is predicated on two choices per contestant:


(A) Develop and write a business plan based on a small or Fortune 500 business; or


(B) Develop a business plan conceived and developed by the contestant.


  • Do you have an idea inside of you but don’t know how to birth it?
  • Do you have a business idea and would like to have an opportunity to get grant money to start it?
  • Tired of your 9 to 5, have bills/student loans to pay but want to be an entrepreneur? Or have you been stuck working at a job you strongly dislike for years and  looking for an opportunity to start your own business?
  • Select any small or Fortune 500 company such as Walmart, Target, Samsung, AT&T, Apple, Star Bucks,  Comcast, T-Mobile, etc., and develop  and write a business plan that would improve the company’s people, brand, technology, customer service, products, community development, real estate and the like… The student** will design a business plan tailored to his or her selected company, in order to address a problem that company has, including solutions to solve that problem.
  • Are you someone who prefers to work for someone else but wants to learn more about business, how to add more value and equity to your employer and yourself?
  • Are you a millennial looking to start your own business in need of money business and savviness?
  • Would you like to get a grant/funding to develop your business idea?


** For the purpose of this competition, a student is defined as an individual from 11 to 65 years old with great DESIRE, IDEAS, and CAPACITY to learn!‚Äč


THEN….this competition is for you!!!
(competition details…)


Only serious and entrepreneurial minded people need apply.
Must be willing to participate in your own financial rescue! 


You MUST be a member of the WC4CTLE Club to enter the competition! (competition details…)

WETATi Center 4 Creative Thinking, Leadership and Entrepreneurship is a global educational and entrepreneurship network whose main goal is to increase awareness, provide entrepreneurship education, and equip and empower the next generation, millennials, and daughters and sons of destiny toward creative freedom, creating and promoting ones’ own opportunity and financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

WC4CTLE is a Community, Global and Entrepreneurship development network for women and men of all generations, with major focus on the next generation. Its purpose is to provide entrepreneurship opportunities for others through partnerships and collaborations with socially responsible community businesses, corporations and engagement ventures.

Our main goal is to increase awareness, provide entrepreneurship education, and equip and empower the next generation, millennials, and daughters and sons of destiny. As times are vastly changing toward creative freedom and promoting ones’ own opportunity we desire the WETATi Entrepreneurship Competition platform to become the premiere event for the wealth builders of their generation. We aspire to make entrepreneurship a fashionable and cool thing to do for the next generation, millennials and sons and daughters of destiny.

We endeavor to challenge women and men to achieve their impossible regardless of their socio-economic status, geographical location or other limitations through an entrepreneurship creative freedom mentality. WC4CTLE provides life changing personal, business development, and entrepreneur mentoring programs as well as employment, apprenticeship and business match making opportunities with our business and corporate members and partners.

WC4CTLE Club (competition details…) has 4* levels of memberships. Please review the levels and choose the one that most fits you. * (Next Generation and Millennials are considered one level together for purposes of this competition. You MUST register on the appropriate level as outlined, according to the stipulations of that level, to be considered for the competition.)

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