Enrichment Programs



WETATi Enrichment Programs


Our WETATi Enrichment Programs include:

  1. Training, Advising, and Consulting Programs


    1. Business basics
    2. Starting a business
    3. Growing a business
    4. Entrepreneurship STEM
  2. WETATi Annual Entrepreneurship Educational and Empowerment Opportunities


    1. WETATi Junior STEM Entrepreneurship (E-STEM) Business Idea Pitch Competition (6th grade through 12th grade)
    2. WETATi Next Generation Plus Entrepreneurship Business Idea Pitch Competition (Next Generation, millenials and others — Only "Lean Business Canvas Model" accepted… i.e., only new busines  ideas accepted)
    3. WETATi Think Tank Tours of churches, schools, and other locations of interest
    4. WETATi Educational E-STEM Science Fairs and other entrepreneurship exposure events featuring strategic subject matter and knowledge leaders
    5. WETATi Entrepreneurship / Leadership Training
    6. Annual Convention, Awards and Gala event
    7. Broadening of Student Business Leadership Experience by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by WETATi
  3. Outreach PROGRAMS including, E-STEM, CYBER SECURITY, and CEO SAFETY TRAINING WORKSHOPS for small and minority businesses
  4. E-entrepreneurship Mentoring / Academic Mentoring
  5. Advocating the tenets of Volunteerism and Community Service
  6. Information and resource referrals

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