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WETATi Entrepreneurship Competition

The WETATi Entrepreneurship Competition is presented by the WETATi Center 4 Creative Thinking, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (WC4CTLE).


WETATi Enrichment Programs

WETATi Offers a wide variety of Personal, Business Development, and Empowerment programs that create a mindset shift and changes the narrative from a job seeking to an entrepreneurship mentality.


WETATi Events

Mark Your Calendar:

Fri., April 6 - Sun., April 8, 2018 WETATi Annual Int'l Convention: Entrepreneurship Competition Winners; Showcase & WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Awards GALA!     CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS

Visit the WETATi E-Store

WETATi products are products with Power, Meaning and Purpose, and that Inspire you to Achieve Your Impossible!





Please note that by attending the WETATi convention and Gala, or any other event hosted by WETATi, you give consent to WETATi, its agents and other associates and partners to photograph, film, videotape, and then reproduce and use on websites, in social media, publish in advertising, commercials and/or for any other purposes without further notification. WETATi reserves the right to use these photographs, films, and videotapes from these events in any legal manner as WETATi may see fit, with or without further communication with you or any other parties, and you release WETATi and its agents, successors, assignees and licensees from any liability pursuant to this subject matter in consideration for attending.


Looking forward to seeing you there!



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